Grade 9 Course Selections:

Required Courses:

  1. English 9 (MEN–09)
  2. Social Studies 9 (MSS–09)
  3. Science 9 (MSC–09)
  4. Math 9 (MMA–09)
  5. Physical and Health Education 9 (MPHE–09)

Elective Courses:

Choose 3 electives to make a total of 8 courses:

Drama 9 (MDR–09)

An introductory course that encourages students to: trust themselves and others; reflect on thoughts, feelings and beliefs; take risks within a dramatic context; and actively express themselves in body and voice. Increasingly challenging individual and group projects will provide students with opportunities to develop skills in the creative expression of ideas. Technical components of acting and theatre will be complimented with the aesthetic, cultural and historical contexts of drama.  Active participation is required in order to be successful in this course.

Music 9 (MMU–09)

This course is designed for students who wish to further their studies of instrumental music in a concert band setting. There will be an emphasis on the fundamentals of instrumental technique as students work toward developing a beautiful and characteristic sound.  Students will develop their individual technique and musicianship through various exercises, studies, music theory, and a wide variety of concert band literature. Particular attention will be given to developing the ensemble sound. Students will participate in a variety of school concerts and other special events.

Music 9: Jazz Band (MMU–09JZ) – *Off Timetable*

This course is designed for students who have a special interest in jazz music and want an opportunity to play in a smaller group.  Students will be exposed to different jazz styles such as swing, be-bop, blues rock, and funk.  Students’ technical skills and musicianship are developed through jazz performance.

Choir 9 (XC—09) – *Off Timetable*

Choir 8-12 is vocal-based course that will focus singing, theory, and performance. Students will cover a wide range of musical genres from classical to popular music. The choir will be accompanied by a rhythm section and there will be some additional opportunities for students who play guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Students will also have the opportunity to work on band covers as well as arranging their own music. There will be a variety of opportunities for public performances and song writers are encouraged. Rehearsals will take place one evening per week from 7-9.

Visual Arts 9 (MVA–09)

Art 9 explores activities and assignments designed to stimulate imagination, promote an understanding of the elements and principles of design, and heighten the senses in visual literacy and art appreciation. Hands-on projects include working in mediums such as pencil, pen, clay, paint, sculpting and printmaking. Participation in art has been proven to develop and broaden problem solving and creative thinking skills by fostering the consideration of multiple responses to any given challenge in the studio and beyond. Visual Prerequisite:  None

French 9 (MFR–09)

As a student in this course you will be building upon many of the skills and knowledge that you acquired in French 8. Learning French as a second language is based on real-life scenarios dealing with topics such as music, sports, fashion and the outdoors. Through various units, students will practice their written and oral language skills using interactive projects and activities such as videos, skits and language games. In addition, French 9 is also about understanding Francophone cultures within Canada.

Food Studies 9 (MADFS09)

The aim of the Foods and Nutrition 8 to 12 curriculum is to provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that have immediate and future applications in their personal and family lives, as well as in local and global environments, including understanding the principles of healthy eating to plan and create nutritious foods for individuals, groups, and family members; and to increase the students knowledge of the nutritional, social, and economic factors that affect food selection and preparation –  practising and thinking critically about principles and techniques related to acquisition, production, and consumption of foods.

Information & Communication Technology 9 (MADIT09)

Information Technology 9 is a survey course for the many different ways students will use computers in their lives.  Units include film, animation, music, web design, photo editing, coding, robotics, and business applications such as word processing and spreadsheets.  General skills such as file management, keyboarding, cloud computing, and Internet safety will also be a part of this course.

Power Technology 9 (MADPT09)

This course introduces students to creative problem solving. Power Technology stresses safety respect and work habits, while focusing on the following topics: Construction, Communications, Manufacturing and Power / Energy / Transportation.  Students will be expected to complete various projects in each technology area and may be responsible for the purchase of some technology materials.

Woodwork 9 –  (MADW-09)

In this course, students will be exposed to some basic woodworking principles as well as be introduced to many of the tools and machinery in the wood shop. Through the application of theory and a series of pre-determined projects, students will gain confidence in working with tools, different materials, and processes to produce high quality work. This course will focus on the use of and application of some basic joinery techniques such as bevels, mitres, and rabbet joints. After students have successfully demonstrated mastery of these processes they will be permitted to build a project(s) of their choice utilizing these new skills and abilities. Students will explore the relationship between form and function through individually designed projects based on a common theme or design problem. Students in this course will be required to pay a course fee to cover the cost of some of the basic items and materials supplied.

Woodcraft 10: Fine Art Woodworking & Jewellery (YIA-0A)

In this course students will learn the finer details of woodworking. After completing a series of mandatory projects to expose students to certain tools in the shop as well as to develop some basic skills, students will then to be able to explore and design their own projects. Projects in the class will focus on creating pieces of art and dÈcor using a variety of woods and techniques. Some potential projects offered in class include: jewellery (rings, pendants, earrings), wall art, decorative picture frames, turned pieces like pens, cups and bowls, as well as many more. Students in this course will be required to pay a course fee to cover the cost of some of the basic items and materials supplied.

Electronics & Robotics 9 – (MADER09)

In this course students will the explore the world of electronics and robotics. Students in this course will learn about the various types of components that are used in common circuitry, as well as learn how to build circuits and the properties governing their function (Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Rules, etc.). Students will also have the opportunity to build an assortment of projects that they can take home. Once students have a solid understanding of circuitry, they will apply this knowledge in the Robotics portion of the course. In this section students will learn how to build robots to perform certain functions and tasks. Students will be required to build and design their own robot, but also learn how to program and code their robot. Students in this course will be required to pay a course fee to cover the cost of some of the basic items and materials supplied.

STEM 9 – (MADGE09)

In this course students will face regular design and build challenges, while learning and applying the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This is an applied skills class where students will design, prototype, and build working devices for each challenge. During this process, students will utilize STEM to improve and modify their design to optimize its performance. Some potential challenges offered in class include: rockets, trebuchets/catapults, canons, robots, racers, and many, many more. Students in this course will be required to pay a course fee to cover the cost of some of the basic items and materials supplied in the course.

Leadership 9 (XLDAC09)

This Leadership course is all about YOU and how to create the life that you want.  We will focus on developing leadership skills such as personal responsibility, goal setting, decision making, communication, teamwork, time management and so on.  In order to do this, we take part in practical and written classroom activities as well as access different opportunities within the community.  The goal of the course is for you to have fun learning, build relationships, and most importantly, walk away with valuable life skills and new perspectives on personal leadership.

Volleyball Skills 10 (YLRA-0A)

This course is designed for students who would like to improve their volleyball skills and knowledge of the game.  Students will be involved in skill development, team dynamics, strategies, video analysis, volleyball specific physical training, basic coaching, officiating and scorekeeping.  The class will take place on both indoor and outdoor courts as well as in a classroom setting.

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