WiFi Accounts

WiFi @ RSS

The WiFi network at RSS is provided by the Ministry of Education for educational purposes.  Use of this network is a privilege, and it is provided based on a parent’s permission and students following these Acceptable Use guidelines:

Appropriate Use Only:

  • Use this educational network to access appropriate content at appropriate times. Personal devices should be turned off when you enter the classroom, and always avoid content that is offensive, illegal, explicit, or in any way inappropriate for a public school.

Conserve Bandwidth:

  • Downloading large files and streaming video uses up bandwidth and may affect download speeds for other students.

Don’t Bully:

  • Respect others and consider the impact of your actions online. You can hurt people in the real world with your device.

Protect your Privacy:

  • Your privacy is precious, so check the settings of the applications you use and protect yourself.
  • Think before you post; it can be impossible to undo, recover, or remove digital content once it is posted. You may regret your actions in 10 minutes or 10 years.  Pause and think in these terms.


  • Be aware that electronic devices are addictive, and excessive use can affect your social and mental development. Don’t lose real time the real world, and enjoy time away from a screen; it is okay to be bored.

Safeguard your Personal Information:

  • Be cautious when sharing your personal information and don’t share your passwords. Don’t make it easy for someone to steal your identity or hack your accounts.


Remember, with great power…


…comes great responsibility.      🙂