Teacher Websites

If you need to contact a member of our staff, use the Staff Page for a listing of email addresses or call the school at (250)837-2173.

RSS Teachers are also using Microsoft Teams to communicate with their classes, and this may include a list of announcements and daily activities published with an online blog.

Here are the links for the blogs currently in use by our teachers:

Updated: February 2021


XC Running
Ms. K. Hoshizaki

English Department:

Ms. A. Hathorn: New Media 11

Socials & Social Justice

Ms. K. vonBremen

Physical Education:



Applied Skills:

Mr. B. Rourke

Info Tech:


Ms. J. Avery
Mr. G. Gale
Ms. S. Wood
Mr. J. Spannier



Ms. J. Avery
Ms. L. Carey
Mr. J. Ostoforov
Mr. J. Spannier

Careers and Work Experience: