Teacher Websites

If you need to contact a member of our staff, use the Staff Page for a listing of email addresses or call the school at (250)837-2173.

Here are the links to the online information that teachers publish about their classrooms, programs, and clubs:


Senior Girls Volleyball
Junior Girls Volleyball (Mr. Gale)
XC Running

English Department:

Ms. J. Mason
Mr. J. Wilson


Mr. J. Stevens
Mrs. L. Cancilla
Mrs. K. Hoshizaki
Ms. J. Mason
Ms. K. vonBremen



Applied Skills:

Mr. B. Rourke
Mr. J. Ostoforov

Info Tech:

Mr. J. Wilson
Mr. J. Ostoforov


Ms. J. Avery
Mr. K. Boggild
Mr. G. Gale
Ms. S. Wood


Mrs. L. Carey
Mr. J. Spannier
Mr. K. Boggild
Ms. J. Wallach


Mrs. K. Hoshizaki
Ms. A. Hathorn
Ms. A. Hathorn (Blocks 3/4)
Ms. A. Hathorn (Careers/Atamanuk)
Ms. A. Hathorn (Careers/Black)
Ms. A. Hathorn (Careers/Crucil)

Career Programs:

Work Experience 12
Secondary School Apprenticeships