Local Scholarships

Money is available to help you with your post-secondary life, and our community here in Revelstoke has provided over $70 000 in scholarship money to be given out to our grads.

Before we continue, the staff and students of RSS would like to thank all of our donors for their generous support.

Here are some important dates in 2021 to remember:
  • February 15th, 2021:   BC Excellence Scholarship and Pathway to Education Scholarship application  must be submitted to the Ministry of Education.
  • February 3rd, 2021 @12:45 pm:  Scholarship meeting at the RSS Theatre for all grade 12 students
  • Wednesday March 10th, 2021 @ 9:00am:  Deadline for local scholarship applications
  • April 29th, 2021: District Authority Award presentations

Follow the steps below to complete the application process:

Step 1:

Read over the list of scholarships to discover the awards for you are eligible for.  Scholarships are available to Canadian citizens and all permanent residents.

Download and print out the .pdf file below and then highlight the scholarships best fitted to your skills, talents, and aptitudes.

RSS Local Scholarship List 2021 (.pdf)

Updated: February 17th, 2021.  See highlighted rows for changes.

Some scholarships have special requirements and additional submissions. Some list requirements on websites or have separate application forms. When possible, we will provide links and information for specific scholarships in this space:

CBT Community Service Award 2021: Information Fred Olynyk Bursary 2021 Royal Canadian Legion Bursary BC Hydro Scholarship


Step 2:

Download* and complete the RSS Application Form. You can either type directly on the form and print it off, or you can print it off and fill it in by hand.  You will need multiple copies, so it will probably be easier to type it on a computer.

Scholarship application form 2021

*Important note:  This is a Microsoft Word file.  After clicking this button, go to your “Downloads” folder to find this file.



Type a good scholarship letter.  Click here for some tips about how to write and how to address your letters:

Details for your Scholarship Letters



Open the following two checklists (Checklist A and Checklist B), print them out, and follow the directions on the top of each page.

2021 Checklist A 2021 Checklist B

*Important note:  These two checklists are Microsoft Word files.  After clicking this button, go to your “Downloads” folder to find these files and open them.


Hand your documents to Mr. Gale in Room 313 by 9:00 AM, Wednesday, March 10th, 2021.

Important note: Late applications will not be considered.


Important notes:

  • Scholarships are intended for tuition to accredited post-secondary schools unless otherwise stated.
  • Donors will require proof of payment before issuing your scholarship/bursary funds. Instructions on how to redeem awards will be given to recipients at grad.
  • RSS coordinates the Scholarship Program. The generous donors provide the funding.
  • Scholarships distributed through the Revelstoke Community Foundation are redeemable only if a student attends a Canadian Post-Secondary Institution.

Don’t forget that you may also qualify for many of the external scholarships available to students in post-secondary institutions.

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