RSS Digital Media

Use the ‘Digital Media Database’ link below to view a spreadsheet that lists all the digital files available to you.

You may sort the information by different columns or use the ‘Slicer’ to view a filtered selection of files.

If the file you want is not “On Stream”, please contact Jeff Wilson at the RSS Library and he will make it available for you.

Digital Media Database


Here is the link to Microsoft Stream:

Microsoft Stream


The “Twonky” Server

(to be Phased-Out September 2021)

To use the Twonky Server, you should be using Safari or Firefox.



Use this link to access Twonky.

RSS Streaming Library

Twonky is only available on SD 19 computers, and members of the RSS staff can assist students accessing these audiobooks and films for classroom use.

This streaming service is for educational use only, and the files are not to be duplicated or shared in any other manner.

You will log in as ‘Guest’, and the password has been emailed to staff.

If you are a student accessing this service, please ask a staff member to enter the password for you.

We also have hard copies of these files in the RSS library and they can be signed out by staff in case a digital file is corrupted.

We hope that you enjoy the use of these services.