Have a Citizenship Adventure in Ottawa with Rotary!

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This annual event provides a unique opportunity for a selected group of young Canadians to come together to gain a better understanding of our country. Through meetings with political leaders, senior officials and others, they learn a great deal about the workings of our democratic institutions. Through meeting one another and having discussions among themselves, they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and the privileges and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.


  • Date:  April 30 to May 3, 2017 in Ottawa.
  • Revelstoke Rotary Club covers the cost of airfare.
  • Student must be 16 by April 30, 2017 and no older than 18
  • The students would write and present an essay of about 250 words on “What does being a Canadian citizen mean to you?”
  • The students should be prepared to talk a little about themselves and their essay in a presentation on Feb 9th or Feb 16th.
  • They should have excellent academic standing, leadership ability, and community service, with an emphasis on non-school related volunteering.

Click here for more information about the Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Programs.