Firefighting for Grade 11/12 Girls

Diversity within the Fire Service remains in the forefront when departments are recruiting. Yet women statistically only
make up 4% of our Firefighters nationwide.  Vancouver Camp Ignite and others like them across the country, have been running camps for grade 11 / 12 girls to help change this stat. This camp not only gives these girls a taste of what firefighters do it also empowers them, inspires them; it shows young women the possibility of a career in the trades and other non-traditional roles.

Camp Ignite has been running its camp successfully for 10 years, with cooperation from the lower mainland fire departments and area schools and Districts. It is open to girls across the province, however, travel to and from Vancouver can be a deterring factor for some participants. Please check out the link for more info on the camp.

Creston Valley Fire Departments have partnered with the Ladies from Camp Ignite to bring a camp venue into the south east. Our first camp will run July 8, 9 & 10 2022 (2 nights & 2.5 days). We will be accepting approximately 20 applicants from Kootenay areas, depending on interest, with a possibility of opening it up to other areas in southern BC. Our hope is to incorporate this camp to facilitate work experience credits toward graduation for the youth that attend.  This program will be dependent on cooperation from the School Districts throughout and in particular the High Schools that work so closely with these young women.

Click the link below to see the application form:

Camp Ignite – Participant Application