Grade 8 Course Selections

All Grade 8 students are required to take a standardized program of courses including: English, French, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and two groups of electives. Students who choose to take band will be enrolled in one group of Life Skills. Students who miss an elective in grade 8 are still eligible to take the course in grade 9.

A team from the high school will visit all grade 7 classes in June to start the transition to RSS. There will also be an open house at RSS the week prior to school opening in September when students will get their timetables.

Required Courses:

  1. English 8
  2. Social Studies 8
  3. Science 8
  4. Math 8
  5. Physical & Health Education 8
  6. French 8

Possible Electives:

Forms will be sent home with Grade 7 students asking if they are planning on taking Band in Grade 8.

Everyone will have the opportunity to try electives in Art, Drama, Woodwork, Tech Ed, Foods and Computers throughout the year.