Resume and Cover Letter

You will need to provide a copy of your Resume and Cover Letter.

The purpose of a good resume is to highlight your strengths and experience to potential employers or scholarship donors.

We are pretty picky about making sure you have a strong resume and cover letter before you graduate from RSS, so spend some time on it. Ask an English teacher, your school librarian, your counsellor, or your parents to have a look through your work.  Sometimes it is hard to see simple errors on your own work.

Click here for some advice on the elements of a ‘full-block’ letter.

Full-Block Letter Style


Finally, be sure to save your resume properly because it is much easier to make minor changes to an existing resume than it is to start over every time you apply for a job or scholarship.  You could use a format like ‘LastName-Scholarship Letter-2017’ to ensure it is easy to find this letter if you ever need it in the years ahead.

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  3. Resume & Cover Letter
  4. Career Goals
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