Healthy Lifestyles

You will need to address three (3) important areas in your Career Life Capstone:


Area 1:  Physical Activity- Future Planning

You need to show your plans for staying fit/active after graduation.   Please think about the following items as you prepare your presentation:

  • Consider where you might be next year and the options that will be available to you.  Are you at a post-secondary institution?  Working at a  job in a small town?  Are you moving to a city or heading up North?
  • Think about the activities that you currently enjoy because it is likely that you will find similar activities (and levels of activity) in the future.  The leopard does not change its spots.  🙂  
  • We want your planning to be realistic and achievable for you.
  • Get creative on how you share this info with us.


Area 2: Healthy Eating

Next year may be your first year living on your own and doing your own meal planning.

Using a scenario where you are responsible for your own meals,  plan a typical day of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack).  You should consider nutrition (consult the Canada Food Guide or the Brazilian Food Guide), your budget, your enjoyment of food, and the preparation time when you make your meal plan.

Be prepared to explain your plan and how it is tailored to your tastes and your situation.


Area 3: Stress Management

In your life…

  • What does stress look like and how do you recognize when your stress level is rising?
  • How do you manage stress when it visits you?
  • What activities work best for reducing stress?

In a creative manner, share your thoughts and successful strategies for managing stress.



What part of your Career Life Capstone do you want to work on next?
  1. Work or Volunteer Experience
  2. Healthy Lifestyles
  3. Resume & Cover Letter
  4. Career Goals
  5. Financial Planning

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