Financial Planning

Another important life skill is preparing and following a budget.  If you are going to school, you will need to prepare an education budget.  If you are looking at getting your own place or living with friends, you will need to plan a monthly budget including your expected income and expenses.  Budgets are meant to give you a guideline to follow and you should be prepared to adjust your budget as necessary.

You will need to include a budget in your presentation.  The Canadian government has included a number of useful resources on their website.  We’ve included some of the helpful links below, but there are many other resources, so spend some time here!

The key thing with your budget is to be realistic. Talk with your parents, go online to the post-secondary websites, talk with the post-secondary reps, chat with friends who went to school last year, check in with your travel agent…gather information.

Did you know you can apply for scholarships, bursaries, student loans, and/or lines of credit to help you pay for you education?   There are some links on the “Budgeting for student life” link above.  We are very lucky in Revelstoke – we give out over $60,000 each year in scholarships, but you need to apply!

Check out the local, provincial, and national scholarship links available on the Grad Homepage as well.


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