Career Life Capstone

 Covid-19 Update:

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Completing your Career Life Capstone is a requirement for graduation in BC.  It gives you four credits towards graduation for putting together resources that will help you in the future, such as career research, post-secondary or training options, resumes, cover letters, financial budgets, work experience, and goal setting.

Although RSS has moved to online learning, you are still required to complete your Capstone project as was discussed before Spring Break.  It is still ‘best practice’ to have a carefully constructed plan for after you graduate.

Career Life Capstone Presentations will take place sometime in late April and May, and more details will be posted soon.  Expect a phone call from Mr. Gale on April 15-22 to discuss your progress and to plan for your Capstone online presentation meeting.  The previous dates and sign-up form posted in the counselling office are no longer possible.

We want to see you add your own personality to your final product, so get creative. You can create a power point, create a scrapbook,  make a collage, etc. Put it all together to create a final product.

For reference, click the button below to see a copy of the assessment form:

Career Life Capstone Assessment Sheet


There are 5 areas that you must address in the creation of your final product:

  1. Work or Volunteer Experience
  2. Healthy Lifestyles
  3. Resume & Cover Letter
  4. Career Goals
  5. Financial Planning