Grad Transitions


Grad Transition Presentations will take near the end of each semester.  Students will work on and present their Grad Transitions as part of their English 12/Communications 12 class. 

Completing your Grad Transitions (GT) is a requirement for graduation in BC.  It gives you four credits towards graduation, simply for putting together a bunch of stuff that you need to know how to do in the “real world” such as resumes, cover letters, financial budgets, nutrition planning, and setting lifestyle goals.

We want to see you add your own personality to your final product, so get creative. You can write, do online quizzes, create a power point, create a scrapbook, use wordles, make a collage, etc. Put it all together to create a final product.

There are 5 areas that you must address in the creation of your final product:

  1. Work or Volunteer Experience
  2. Healthy Lifestyles
  3. Resume & Cover Letter
  4. Future Goals
  5. Financial Planning