Course Selections

  1. Students will be choosing their courses for next year in the first week of March using the MyED BC Portal.
  2. Course selections will close on Sunday, March 6th, 2022.  Parents should review and approve the selections using the portal.
  3. The courses we offer and number of sections will be determined based on student request.
  4. Student transcripts, course descriptions, course selections, and graduation requirements are all available online.  Use the links below to help you:

Use the buttons below to see a ‘How-To’ document to help you navigate course selections on MyEd BC:

MyEd BC: Course Selection How-To for Parents MyEd BC: Course Selection How-To for Students MyEd BC: Reading Course Descriptions

Warning!  If a subject area has more than 8 options, you need to use a navigation tool (see highlight below) to see all the courses.

Use the button below to access all the resources, including course selection, on the MyEd BC Portal:

MyEd BC Portal

Reminder: Format for Family Portal Login ID: p19firstnamelastname (all lower case)

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Graduation Requirements