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Parent-Teacher Conferences

In addition to our regular evening session, we’ve added an afternoon of scheduled appointments using our new Booking Form.

Booking Form-March 6th Only

Before you book, click here for a “How-To” for the new booking form.

Here is a copy of  a letter sent home in February to highlight the   new ways we are approaching our Parent-Teacher conferences:

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We have listened to you! After October’s Parent-Teacher Conferences, parents/guardians indicated that there was insufficient time to meet with teachers and that there was a perceived lack of privacy during their discussions with teachers. We appreciate that these concerns were brought to the attention of the school.

After discussions with the RSS teaching staff, the school is pleased to announce two major changes for Parent-Teacher Conferences to meet the needs of both parents and teachers:

We have added a 3-hour afternoon session on March 6th where parents/guardians can ‘book’ a teacher for a short conference (see below for the link to the Booking Form), and
We have extended the regular evening session on March 7th from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours.

We will work to ensure that all of these sessions provide adequate privacy. As well, this new format will be discussed at the upcoming PAC meeting on February 26th at 6:00PM in the RSS Library.

In order to accommodate these sessions, RSS will dismiss at 11:50AM on both March 6th and March 7th.


March 6, 2019 1:00PM—4:00PM

This afternoon is available for booked appointments. Each appointment is ten minutes long. However, if you have booked back-to-back appointments plan on each meeting to be approximately seven minutes as that allows ‘travel time’ to your next appointment.

Please follow this link to book an appointment: Booking Form

There is an attached .pdf document with step-by-step instructions on how to book an appointment with a teacher using the Booking Form.


March 7, 2019 6:00PM—8:00PM

This evening is in the traditional format where teachers are available to chat with parents without booked times. This evening session has been extended from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to accommodate more parent-teacher contact time.

We know you are very busy! As always, please contact your child’s teacher(s) to receive an update via email, telephone, or to set up an appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

RSS appreciates the opportunity to talk with parents about their children. We believe strongly that good communication is fundamental in allowing parents, teachers and students to work together for the best possible outcomes.


Greg Kenyon

Principal—Revelstoke Secondary School

BC Numeracy Assessment

Students currently enrolled in Grade 10 math will be writing the Graduation Numeracy Assessment on January 21, 2019 at 9:00AM at RSS. Please note the date and time and ensure your child is in attendance that morning.

This assessment is a graduation requirement and needs to be successfully attempted. Students have three attempts to complete the assessment before they graduate.

Use the two links below for more information:

RSS Art Exhibition

Come Celebrate with us on Opening Night:

Tuesday, December 11th.  6pm-8pm.

@ the Revelstoke Public Library (Community Centre)

Exhibition runs December 2018 through March 2019.  See the poster below for more information:

Grade 8 Supply List

  1. Pencils, pens, erasers (enough to last the year)
  2. Ruler
  3. Loose leaf paper (enough to last the year)
  4. Binder(s) for academic subjects
  5. PE strip
    • T-shirt
    • Athletic shorts (of appropriate length)
    • Indoor running shoes with non-marking soles
    • Older pair of running shoes for outside or wet days
  6. Duotang for PE journal (Ms. von Bremen’s class)
  7. Spiral Notebook (Ms. Avery’s Math class)
  8. Agenda (for assignments, test details, and homework)
  9. Scientific Calculator (Available for $12 at Main Office)

BC Numeracy Assessment

Here is a copy of the letter for the parents of Grade 10 and Grade 11 students at RSS:

Dear RSS Parents/Guardians and Students,

All grade 10 and 11 students will write the Provincial Numeracy Assessment at Revelstoke Secondary School on June 26, 2018.  Starting this June, all students in grades 10 and 11 must successfully write a provincial numeracy assessment in order to meet graduation requirements. 

Grade 10 students will write from 9:00AM-11:00AM.  Students should be at school by 8:45AM to ensure that the Assessment starts on time.  Grade 11 students will write from 1:00PM-3:00PM.  These students should be at school by 12:40PM.

Grade 10 and 11 students have not written any form of provincial math assessment.  Therefore, in order to meet graduation requirements, the grade 10s and 11s must successfully write the Numeracy Assessment.  Students will have three attempts at writing the assessment in order to either meet the minimum level, or improve their result, before they graduate.  The Numeracy Assessment will be evaluated on a scale from 1-4, with “4” being the highest evaluation.  Achieving a “1” is a pass.

The Numeracy Assessment is NOT a math exam!  The Numeracy Assessment is designed to check the degree to which students can comprehend and use data from basic math skills and apply it in life-like scenarios.  Ms. Wallach has been visiting grade 10 and 11 classes to help explain the assessment, and she has created a bulletin board on the top floor that helps explain sample problems.

Please see these links for more information on the Numeracy Assessment in general, parent information, and sample questions:

If you have an unavoidable conflict where your child cannot attend on that day, please contact the school at 250-837-2173.  However, it is expected that all students will be available to write this provincial assessment on the assigned day.

Thank you,


Greg Kenyon

Principal, RSS