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April 9th: Pick up your Locker Contents

April 9th, 2020

Schedule for Students to Pick Up Locker Contents

Here is the notes from Mr. Kenyon regarding the pick up of locker contents on April 9th, 2020:

I also want to communicate with you the process regarding picking up personal effects/ textbooks/musical instruments from the school.  We will be ready for this process on Thursday, April 9th.  Families will be able to pick up:

  • locker contents
  • textbooks/English novels
  • musical instruments
  • lost and found items, including gym strip left in changerooms 

Before you come to the RSS Community Entrance (across from the arena) ensure you know your child’s locker number, what other textbooks/English novels they’ve been told to pick-up, if they had gym strip left at the school and what it looks like, if they need to take a musical instrument, or anything that might be in the lost and found. 

The process to actually pick up the stuff will take just a couple of minutes, however we will demand strict physical distancing.  Therefore, you may have to wait a few minutes in line to get into the school.  The process will be defined by an alphabetical-by-last-name sytem.

Please use the following schedule to ensure that we do not break the Public Health Office’s directives:

Time             Last Name

8:30-9:20          A, B

9:20-10:10        C

10:10-11:00       D, E, F

11:00-11:50       G, H

11:50-12:40        I, J, K, L

12:40-1:30          M

1:30-2:20            N, O, P, Q, R

2:20-3:10            S

3:10-4:00             T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

If you cannot come at your assigned time, we will allow the time from 4:00-4:30 for pick up.  If you cannot make any of these times on Thursday, please come Tuesday, April 14th from 11:00-12:00.  If other arrangements must be made, please contact me on Tuesday.

I hope everyone is healthy and safe.

Take care,

Greg Kenyon, Principal