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March Break

The StokeYouth Network has compiled some information for students looking for things to do during Spring Break:

Check out this calendar:

Community Youth Calendar – 2016 Spring Break

You can also check out these options:

Also please remember that the Youth Access Fund is available for youth from low and modest income families to participate is sports, recreation, Arts & cultural events/programing though out the year, (see attached details).

Youth Access Fund Info. 2016


MOTUS O Opportunity! – Feb 12-13

The Revelstoke Theatre has paid for 10-14 High School students to rehearse with MOTUS O all day Friday and then perform on stage with the professional dancers in the community show on Saturday night.  This is a pretty unique opportunity and we still have some spots available.

Please email  ( with a confirmation and a parent/guardian telephone number that can be reached in case of emergency if you are interested.


February 12th – 9-3 pm Training with Group 1

February 12th – 6pm – 9pm – Begin training Group 2

February 13th – 9am – 12pm – Complete training of Group 2

February 13th – 1pm – 3pm Dress Rehearsal on stage Group 2

February 13th – 3pm – 4pm – MOTUS O to use stage

February 13th – 4pm – 5pm – Dress Rehearsal with Group 1

February 13th – 5pm – 6pm – Dinner Break

February 13th – 6pm – Show call for make-up; costumes etc

February 13th – 7pm – MOTUS O Show!!

The costume requirements are as follows:

For rehearsal:  comfortable dance wear



  • 1 Pair of black pants – NO LOGOS
  • 1 White shirt (long sleeve, t-shirt OR tank top) – NO LOGOS
  • 1 Black shirt (long sleeve, t-shirt OR tank top) – NO LOGOS
  • An article or two of clothing that is red – i.e. red scarf, red tie, red shirt, red cummerbund, red gloves, etc.
  • Footwear:  Bare Feet
  •  Hair:  Tied back in low ponytail if long.


  • 1 Pair of black pants or leggings – NO LOGOS
  • 1 White shirt (long sleeve, t-shirt OR tank top) – NO LOGOS
  • 1 Black shirt (long sleeve, t-shirt OR tank top) – NO LOGOS
  • An article or two of clothing that is red – i.e. red scarf, red tie, red shirt, red tutu, red gloves, red skirt, etc.
  • Footwear:  Bare Feet
  • Hair:  Tied back in low ponytail if long.

Learn Now BC – Live tutoring extended

Starting January 17th – 28th, LearnNowBC is extending the “Live Tutor” service hours (5pm to 10pm) and is offering live tutoring for Social Studies 10 and Social Studies 11 .

“The Live Tutor service is free to all students in BC. Five days per week (from Sundays to Thursdays), students can connect one-on-one with live tutors for free 20-minute online tutoring sessions. Using a combination of virtual whiteboards and text & audio chat, our tutors work with the students to provide course-specific assistance.

LearnNowBC also offers ChargedUP for Math, Science & English, a streaming video lesson service that provides grade 9-12 students with complete video lessons for 16 Math, Science and English courses. ChargedUP for Math, Science and English is available 24/7.

Success Checker is a set of online assessments for 21 grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 courses. Students receive detailed reports of their performance and custom study guides to help direct their study time more efficiently. Success Checker is available 24/7.

Click here to see all 27 tutoring subjects offered for FREE by LearnNowBC.

Adventure in Citizenship

Attend a Rotary funded opportunity in Ottawa!

What does it mean to be a Canadian?  How does our government work?  Gain an understanding of your country.  Meet the leaders and the decision makers.  Meet other young Canadians!!


It all takes place in Ottawa, Ontario from May 1 to 4, 2016, hosted by the Rotary Club of Ottawa and host families.


It is open to senior high school students, who must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants between 16 and 18 years of age before May 01, 2016.


Some of the selection criteria:
  • excellent academic standing
  • leadership ability
  • community service, with an emphasis on non-school related volunteering
  • Canadian citizen or landed immigrant between the ages of 16 and 18.  (Students must be 16 before May 01).
  • a short essay, approximately 250 words, on What does being a Canadian citizen mean to you? This essay will be shared by the applicant at a local Rotary meeting to help with selection.  The successful applicant will include their essay with their application form to Ottawa.
Important dates:
  • Feb 15th:  Essay due
  • Feb 18th: Present at Rotary meeting