Principal’s Message


May 2021

Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

Welcome to spring at RSS!

The nice weather has lifted everyone’s spirits at RSS and allowed students to go outside for their lunch breaks.  This is good for their mental health, and also makes the school a safer space.  What we have noticed is a need for students to put on sunscreen before they come in the morning and bring some to reapply if they’re spending classes outside as well.

We need to switch some teacher assignments due to non-COVID-related long-term illness.  As such we will have Ms. Avery teaching Grade 10 Math in Q4, with another teacher taking on the Science 9 classes.  As well, Mr. Boggild will be returning to teach some Grade 11 Math.  Welcome Back, Mr.B!

Please read the School Sector Update from the BC Center for Disease Control.  There’s a tonne of great info in there.  It’s posted to the SD#19 website

Take Care and Be Safe,

Greg Kenyon