Principal’s Message



Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Happy Hallowe’en! As always, the students and staff had a lot of fun with Hallowe’en this year. Our estimate is that 75% of the student population dressed up—so much fun!

I want to take this opportunity to update you on RSS plans for the next few weeks.

Grade 10 students in Social Studies this quarter will write the BC Graduation Literacy Assessment next week. We have paired the Literacy Assessment with Grade 10 Social Studies in the same manner as we will pair the Numeracy Assessment with Grade 10 Math courses. So, when students are in those classes they will also write these assessments near the end of that quarter (i.e. Student in Math 10 in Q2 = Numeracy Assessment that quarter). Please see more information on the Graduation Assessments here:


We will be having our Remembrance Day Ceremony virtually on November 10th at 10:45AM. Classes will participate through Teams.

There will be a change to our block orders on November 12th and 13th to facilitate end of quarter projects and tests. This will result in “Project Completion” time Friday afternoon (as well as the time already scheduled Monday) for grade 10-12 students who are behind or need to finish work to complete their work before the end of the quarter. Grade 8 and 9 students will attend as per normal.

Block Order for November 12th: Sr. A B; Jr. EFGH

Block Order for November 13th: Sr. B A (Project Completion PM); Jr. CDAB

Quarter 1 Report Cards should be available around November 25th. This is a non-reporting period for Math, Science, and PE classes for grades 8 and 9, although students who are facing struggles will be receiving interim reports–so no news is good news in these courses! Quarter 2 will begin November 17th and some elective courses will change for Grades 8 and 9. All grade 10-12 students will begin two new Quarter 2 courses.

On a hygiene note, students need to regularly wash their masks!

We are still working on activating our “Family Portal” for the information system we are using. Our clerical staff is fixing contact data for families and once that is completed we will be able to start using this service. Speaking of which, please send in your Verification Form if you have not yet done so to allow this data accuracy.

Finally, as we go into Hallowe’en, please remember the new Public Health Orders regarding gatherings, as well as the expectation to wear masks in all public areas. Our students are trying to be responsible at school, and we urge parents to work together with RSS to ensure safe practices outside of the school. See here:

Take Care, and have a safe Hallowe’en!


Greg Kenyon